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How do I plan when I don't have a plan?

How do I plan when I don't have a plan?

2020 has thrown us all for a loop. All the excitement and well-laid plans we had for the year were tossed out the window before summer rolled around and while we were all forced to adapt to the new normal, we haven’t really figured out how to move forward with intention. Planning for the future seems like a waste because we have no idea what to plan for, but not having a plan also kind of leaves us - or me, at least, feeling kind of empty? So what do we do now? 2021 is looming over us and a lot of us may want to plan without actually having a plan. It sounds strange, I know, but planning without having a plan is actually something you can do with our planners.

First things first. Stop planning long-term! While having a long-term plan is great, if we’ve learned anything this year, it’s that you can’t control everything that happens. So while you have control over yourself and your actions, the universe doesn’t always play by your rules. Make little plans instead of big ones. Make action plans that will lead you to your ultimate goals. Make a checklist of things you have to do - an action plan! Write it down in your favorite Quest Journal and check off things that you’ve done! It allows you to take small steps towards a big abstract goal without getting derailed by unexpected occurrences.

Green and blue quest journal.

Second, while knowing and learning from your past is important, breaking away from your patterns and old habits can be better for you! Keep track of what you’ve done, so you know if you’re acting predictably or if you’re switching up your patterns to create a new path for yourself. The Belle De Jour Power Planner is perfect to keep track of things, steps you’ve taken, habits you’ve formed.

2021 Belle De Jour Power Planner

Third, be flexible! Everything’s up in the air right now and we all have to learn to go with the flow. Lean in instead of trying to correct the course the universe leads us towards. Why not make the curveballs fun, though? Write little notes to yourself, special tasks that you can achieve in the day on little postcards like this, and randomly pick one up when you feel like you’ve been thrown off course. It may throw your daily schedule off course, but it’s a fun practice of spontaneity.

Dip postcards designed by MYC Alamban.

Lastly, realize it’s okay to not plan at all. This leaves you open to more possibilities and opportunities that come your way! If you’re not setting yourself up for anything, you’re ready to take on everything else. Stuff your necessities in this beautiful Quarantine City Tote Bag so you’re ready for adventure, to take a trip, to leave your comfort zone whenever the world demands it of you!

Quarantine tote bag

Do what’s best for you and your mental state. Whether it’s planning day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year… or not even plan at all. Know that you and your plans can change in a snap and it’s okay. Adapt. Stop thinking in abstract and take things step by step. Life is a story and not an event so live in the moment and know that anything that happens is part of your story.